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Os Gêmeos

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I love graffiti, though admittedly I can really only identify/recognize a few of the big names. The video above is an episode from D.I.Y. America now on one said big name Os Gêmeos, the Brazillian twins responsible for the Deitch wall.

Not only do I love their huge craniums and love-able, dorky, nice-guys-finish-last look (guilty confession), but I also love their style and color palettes. I'm always impressed with people who find new ways of representation and new ways to make marks, new kinds of shapes. The compositions and visual vignettes of Os Gêmeos is always light hearted and fanciful, without being childish or immature...Like, I wouldn't be totally surprised if a Janet-Jackson-esque nipple were to make an appearance, or a stray phallus were to fall into the mix. Is it too much for me to say that I'm kinda hoping it happens? What? That's a nice shirt your'e wearing.


Why so blue Panda Bear?

This is my all time favorite ad. Ever. It just didn't make sense to me, not one minute of it, and I was just blown away by how randomly and wildly creative someone could be, to string all these random events together. I suppose as a woman I should take more offense to some of the semiotics of this all, and I always think it's a Snickers commercial instead of a Milkway commercial because in my mind their branding is so similar (esp with the new Snickers commercials where the Snickers font is used to write other words....and of course, all of this is starting to blur now with the Twix time-freeze commercials...God, can't Whatchamacolits come back and redefine chocolatey-snack-bar-coolness? Boo cookie cutter models, no pun intended.)

So I suppose the question on board today is...effective or not effective?


Starting over again

When two similar events happen within 24 hours of each other, I feel pretty confident that said events are cosmically linked, and therefore the universe is trying to send me a sign. I'm also pretty good at science and reasoning. So when I saw Where We Design and these LIFE never-bef0re-published photos from the day Albert Einstein died (due to internal bleeding caused by the rupture of an aortic aneurism--strong brain, not so strong heart), I figured now was as good a time as ever to revisit my "creative center," i.e. my cellar technopod that is hopefully more temporary than what science and reasoning might say, and get back to my blog.

The following are some photos from Where We Design that absolutely sent me into a mach-5 panic mode, curled into a fetal position and crasturbating in the corner, lamenting my awful, doomed existence to never amount to anything. Then I got over all that and just fell in LOVE with the ergonomic computer chairs!

Obviously SelgasCano is up first, because they're based in Madrid, and I love nothing more than España...

And Hans Liberg wins because I have a photographic series based on logs...

This one graphic design firm was in a an old church in Scotland, which was amazing to see--the juxtaposition of classical ecclesiastical architecture littered with Macs and couches--but they lost points for their terrible, terrible chairs. No joke. They were like old, totally perpendicular kitchen chairs. Poor choice! Also, if you haven't noticed by now, the judging for this blog was done by mature and totally impartial judges.

On that note, I chose this one for it's cleanliness--Albert Einstein's desk was such a mess I was having panic attax* for him. No piles arranged in increasing size order? No post its? No cups for pens!? Good lord.
I'm also a sucker for the white cube. So sue me!

*I think I'm going to try to make "panic attacks" cool and main stream, very à la Carles. What do y'all think? Can subbing an "x" for "cks" make anxiety altcool?

How do you keep your space energized and activated...and ORGANIZED?


Society 6

I came across this site the other day when I was going through Art:21's twitter followers. It's sort of like deviant art, but Society 6 seems to be a little more directed at artists. I found a
 lot of great artists on there, like Kelly D. Williams:
I was actively laughing to myself while reading these at work. I think all too often the inclusion of text in art can be very contrived, trying so hard that it misses the point all together and overshoots into "alienatingly pretentious" territory. Williams' work is self aware and self flagellating, achieving a gentle mix of humble sophistication through humor-- a modus operandi that is always subversive and effective. 
Many other inspiring artists...Love the aesthetic. It's so easy and comfortable. Check it out!


Venice Biennale 2009

Photos taken from The Daily Beast
Installation in Nordic Pavillion by Elmgreen and Dragset; "Fifteen Pairs of Hands" Bruce Nauman; "Think" Bruce Nauman
Everyone knows that the art world is a little on the ailing side (or did you not get that impression when the Whitney Biennale centered a lot of their curatorial discourse on the theme of "failure?") so with the 53rd Venice Biennale upon us hopes are high and breath is bated.
I haven't yet scoured through enough of the Biennale art to really note my high and low points, but I would like to comment on the curatorial theme. The curator for this year's biennale is Daniel Birnbaum, who's large group exhibition "Making Worlds" redefines art as representing a vision of the world rather than just another commodity. 
I've recently read how the position of head curator of the Venice Biennale is sort of a mixed blessing and curse. On the one hand, it's a huge honor. On the other, you really can't win. No matter how much time and effort you put in to making the most perfect biennale the world's ever known, there are always going to be critics. And, further, fitting the worlds' best art under one analytical theme can inevitably only lead one to create a lamentably broad and vague theme. 
And that's kind of the bone I have to pick with Mr. Birnbaums overarching idea. The idea that art is a vision of the world, or as some of us laymen like to say, a perspective, and not simply a commodity just seems ...I mean it just seems like such an underwhelming statement that I feel like I'm missing something very huge. Art is one's vision of the world. C'mon! Is that not law by now? I feel like someone taught me that in grade school. What am i missing!??!!!
I would have really liked to have seen a much more progressive theme to help jump start (or atleast give the impression of a forward-moving direction) contemporary art. Reasserting that art is the artist's vision of the world is so painstakingly safe that it just...I mean, really, before I continue--am I missing something?? 
From the few peices I've seen, there's  a lot of dismemberment and discontinuation in the pieces being shown currently. I think a great theme would have been exactly that--Dismemberment. I think there are a lot of directions a word like that could go, theoretically and formally, and it could have really gotten into matters of artistic practice in an increasingly technological world. 


Brooklyn is Watching

Salt in my Eyerony has joined Second Life as Salty Clarity!

This summer I will be guest blogging on Brooklyn is Watching, a hybrid Second Life/Real Life art project in association with Jack the Pelican Presents gallery in Brooklyn. is your essential guide to art works rezzed in the BIW sim, hosted by Popcha. Join us for regular podcasts 

This is me. I'm so pretty with spiky hair, right?
Este soy yo. Que bonita, con el pelo puntado, verdad?

Salt in my Eyerony se ha convertido en Second Life como Salty Clarity!

Este verano estare blogger-invitada en Brooklyn is Watching, un proyecto artistico híbrido Second Life/Vida Real asociado con la galeria Jack the Pelican Presents in Brooklyn. es la guia esencial a las obras de arte rezzed en el BIW sim, recibido por Popocha. Acompanese con nosotros para los podcasts echado con regularidad.



Acaba de occurarme empezar escribir mis blogposts en espanol para que practique mi espanol y, ademas, practicar analizar el arte en espano. De esta manera voy a acostumbrarme con el vocabulario de teoria artistica en espanol y claro empezar a construir mi propio vocabulario de teoria artistica en espanol. 

Bueno, pues...venga! Os vere alla en el mundo bilingual....

PD. Como puedo annadir los accentos y tildes y todo eso en blogspot?