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Society 6

I came across this site the other day when I was going through Art:21's twitter followers. It's sort of like deviant art, but Society 6 seems to be a little more directed at artists. I found a
 lot of great artists on there, like Kelly D. Williams:
I was actively laughing to myself while reading these at work. I think all too often the inclusion of text in art can be very contrived, trying so hard that it misses the point all together and overshoots into "alienatingly pretentious" territory. Williams' work is self aware and self flagellating, achieving a gentle mix of humble sophistication through humor-- a modus operandi that is always subversive and effective. 
Many other inspiring artists...Love the aesthetic. It's so easy and comfortable. Check it out!


NOELLE said...

Those Balenciaga inspired boots by Sam Edelman are up on Ebay!!

Here they are:

Boots can fit a size that's a little smaller.


wecangowindowshopping said...

these paintings are soo cute!! that last one had me laughing