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Os Gêmeos

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I love graffiti, though admittedly I can really only identify/recognize a few of the big names. The video above is an episode from D.I.Y. America now on one said big name Os Gêmeos, the Brazillian twins responsible for the Deitch wall.

Not only do I love their huge craniums and love-able, dorky, nice-guys-finish-last look (guilty confession), but I also love their style and color palettes. I'm always impressed with people who find new ways of representation and new ways to make marks, new kinds of shapes. The compositions and visual vignettes of Os Gêmeos is always light hearted and fanciful, without being childish or immature...Like, I wouldn't be totally surprised if a Janet-Jackson-esque nipple were to make an appearance, or a stray phallus were to fall into the mix. Is it too much for me to say that I'm kinda hoping it happens? What? That's a nice shirt your'e wearing.

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