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Starting over again

When two similar events happen within 24 hours of each other, I feel pretty confident that said events are cosmically linked, and therefore the universe is trying to send me a sign. I'm also pretty good at science and reasoning. So when I saw Where We Design and these LIFE never-bef0re-published photos from the day Albert Einstein died (due to internal bleeding caused by the rupture of an aortic aneurism--strong brain, not so strong heart), I figured now was as good a time as ever to revisit my "creative center," i.e. my cellar technopod that is hopefully more temporary than what science and reasoning might say, and get back to my blog.

The following are some photos from Where We Design that absolutely sent me into a mach-5 panic mode, curled into a fetal position and crasturbating in the corner, lamenting my awful, doomed existence to never amount to anything. Then I got over all that and just fell in LOVE with the ergonomic computer chairs!

Obviously SelgasCano is up first, because they're based in Madrid, and I love nothing more than España...

And Hans Liberg wins because I have a photographic series based on logs...

This one graphic design firm was in a an old church in Scotland, which was amazing to see--the juxtaposition of classical ecclesiastical architecture littered with Macs and couches--but they lost points for their terrible, terrible chairs. No joke. They were like old, totally perpendicular kitchen chairs. Poor choice! Also, if you haven't noticed by now, the judging for this blog was done by mature and totally impartial judges.

On that note, I chose this one for it's cleanliness--Albert Einstein's desk was such a mess I was having panic attax* for him. No piles arranged in increasing size order? No post its? No cups for pens!? Good lord.
I'm also a sucker for the white cube. So sue me!

*I think I'm going to try to make "panic attacks" cool and main stream, very à la Carles. What do y'all think? Can subbing an "x" for "cks" make anxiety altcool?

How do you keep your space energized and activated...and ORGANIZED?

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