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Why so blue Panda Bear?

This is my all time favorite ad. Ever. It just didn't make sense to me, not one minute of it, and I was just blown away by how randomly and wildly creative someone could be, to string all these random events together. I suppose as a woman I should take more offense to some of the semiotics of this all, and I always think it's a Snickers commercial instead of a Milkway commercial because in my mind their branding is so similar (esp with the new Snickers commercials where the Snickers font is used to write other words....and of course, all of this is starting to blur now with the Twix time-freeze commercials...God, can't Whatchamacolits come back and redefine chocolatey-snack-bar-coolness? Boo cookie cutter models, no pun intended.)

So I suppose the question on board today is...effective or not effective?

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Mathieu said...

This commercial teaches real manly men like us (Not you and me, I mean me and other manly men) that a cheap industrial chocolate bar is an appropriate replacement for a sex-depraved life or maybe the metaphor goes beyond the chocolate bar / easy cheesy little woman analogy and can be applied to everything.

And I mean, what's wrong with that bitch at the beginning? The guy is super handsome, has a nice red fuck-me beard. Why didn't she let him in? Heck, even I, would fuck the poor lad. What's her problem?

I wish a small woman like this would pop out of my bag of Doritos with an extremely ridiculous flavor name and tell me: "Je suis une femme facile"

To answer your question; No it isn't effective because all this ad make me think of is Doritos and femmes faciles... and to some degree, Liam Neeson.

PS: That verification word I have to type sounds awfully like the name of a new Pokémon. "Selermi"